Google Academy for Ads

I’ve recently acquired certification for using Google Adwords through Google’s Academy for Ads. I had worked with Google Adwords with Aviation GSE using a manager account, and this intensive course, really gave me better insight on the newer features of Adwords.

Hubspot Academy – Content Marketing

I’ve recently passed HubSpot Academy’s Content Marketing Course. It was much more difficult than the Inbound Marketing Course, honing in on the value of content and it’s relationship with a potential customer. This certification should open me up to the world of digital marketing and communications with that specialization in writing that I’ve always wanted. I’m hoping this knowledge can help me as I pursue more freelance opportunities in content marketing and writing.

Aviation GSE

Aviation GSE is Canada’s fastest-growing ground support equipment suppliers.  I’ve taken my lessons from Inbound Marketing and HTML coding and have applied it to increase lead generation and user engagement across their social platforms. I used Google Adwords and Analytics to improve viewership and engagement and potential sales for the company. It was intimidating at first, understanding the workflow of heavy industrial equipment, but my work there has done well to keep the company connected to their growing clientele.

HubSpot Academy- Inbound Marketing

I’ve recently passed HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Course. It was a very enlightening course, I felt like it had tied everything I’ve learned throughout my short career, with a pretty orange bow. The trainers were well-spoken and imparted some great advice. I liked that Hubspot offered practice tests with explanations. This certification should open me up to the world of digital marketing and communications out there.

Business Elite Canada

Business Elite Canada (BEC) is a digital business publication that is sent out to over 40, 000 senior-level executives monthly across the country. Each month, we report on current business news and events in Canada, one of the world’s largest economies.

Responsibilities: Editorial, Sales, Account management, Communications

Bellezza Moda Magazine

Belleza Moda Magazine is the premier publication produced by Yellow Hill Media. With a prosperous radio station and several years in the media industry, Belleza Moda represents the core values of cultural understanding that Yellow Hill Media prides itself on. Belleza Moda will bring its readers a full understanding of what defines luxury across the globe.

Responsibilities: Content Management (for print, web and social media), Brand identity

Job Hunter’s Jargon

My own personal blog about my misadventures searching for that one perfect job.

Responsibilities: Social Media, Blogging, research

York University: Lassonde School of Engineering

“The Lassonde School is a community. One that values learning. Our mission is to grow a place where students love to learn and where people love to work.” (Founding Dean Janusz Kozinski)

Responsibilities: Marketing, Communications, event planning, writing,

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