I feel I need to write about the Hubspot Academy. I happened upon their website when I was searching jobs in Content Marketing. I didn’t know much about Marketing at the time, but I knew lots about how to market my writing to suit the needs of a business.

Upon reading the job descriptions of a “Content Marketer” I felt I had the skills and the work experience for it. I just needed the credentials.

I managed to acquire some work experience, but through Hubspot Academy, I was able  to get some education. After becoming Inbound Certified, all kinds of doors opened in Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Contexual Marketing.

Further, I also learned how accessible learning best practices in digital marketing can be. After some trial and error, today I can say I am now Content Marketing Certified. After I finish the Practicum, I will also be fully certified to use Hubspot’s Marketing CRM software too!

I’m also looking into learning computer HTML code via Codecademy and of course, I want to stay on top of my SEO and Adwords Knowledge through Google Partners.

Until next time!

UPDATE (April 13, 2018): Just passed my Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy, with a passing grade of 86%. It’s a big accomplishment considering the first time I did this I only passed with 78%.