This ongoing project is a huge responsibility that has built up my knowledge of WordPress Plugins and HTML/CSS.

In addition to revising and updating all copy, I have restructured the website to update a product catalogue (via Woocommerce plugin) in a way that is accessible for us, user-friendly for the prospective customer and trackable (using Google Tag Manager) for future online marketing initiatives. I’ve also setup a Careers page as part of Aviation GSE’s recruitment Strategy (using Job Manager plugin).

The site is also very interactive with  project slideshows (via RevolutionSlider Plugin) and Live Chat (Olark Plugin) options to help our representatives convert viewers through the marketing-sales funnel. All of which I monitored and designed in collaboration with the Sales team.

With very sparse knowledge of Google’s Marketing tools (Analytics, and Adwords) I’ve managed to optimize and increase the number of viewers that are looking at our site at any given time. Everyday, my knowledge of these tools and their potential is increasing.

Of course, I do not take full credit. As part of our Marketing strategy, we’ve established a hands-on outreach to our clients all over the world. In this effort, I’ve designed and updated company brochures, specification sheets, and business cards for our executive team using Adobe Creative cloud applications (samples coming soon!)