In 2012,  York’s Faculty of Science and Engineering received a $25 million donation from Pierre Lassonde. This money was used to start the Lassonde School of Engineering (LSE). After my success as a Science Writer, my supervisor carried me over to execute the re-branding of LSE.

This role was far more creatively demanding and was therefore, a very exciting time for me. New Engineering programs were being added, new research was getting funded and the faculty was getting a lot of earned media attention. The Dean of Engineering took a special interest in this recruitment project since 2013-2014 would be the first full academic year at LSE. The final result was a refreshing of past recruitment booklets. Once again, these were printed and distributed to prospective engineering students.


Updated copy: Proofread and fact-checked

New copy for new engineering programs, and LSE brand information, approved by Dean and senior staff

Photography on new staff (some photography carried over from 2012-2013)

Other Project Elements: social media management, blog posts, event management, web coverage

Project duration: 6 months

For Final Copy of the 2013-2014 brochure click the below