Each of these newsletters were created in my Pre-Adobe days. All written content is original. Interviews were  conducted by myself and layout was done using Microsoft Publisher. Images were either provided by those who I was interviewing or self-sourced via news coverage. Editing was done by the Research Officer in York University’s Faculty of Fine Arts (now known as York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design)
The audience for these newsletters were other members of York University’s faculty. The newsletter was intended to connect those within the faculty and provide them exposure. One story about Brian Banton (a graduate student in design, at the time) found it’s way to the Toronto Star a year later (2010), where they also did a story about his research.
In addition to the research features, the newsletter also included a message from the Research officer, and upcoming events, dates and deadlines for graduate students.
FFA newsletter_12-09_Page_2
Research feature on Theatre doctoral student, Naila Keleta Mae, submitted for December 2009
FFA newsletter_02-10 4
Research Feature on Dance student Gauri Vanarase, submitted for Spring 2010
FFA newsletter_12-09_Page_3
Research Feature on Design student Brian Banton, a year before being recognized by mainstream media

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